Squirting Searches

Squirting is a term used to describe female ejaculation, and it’s popular category and search on Taniaaguilar. The popularity of squirting videos (nsfw) increased drastically between 2013 and 2015, and has remained as one of Taniaaguilar’s Top 20 categories of videos. Our friends at Clued In asked Taniaaguilar’s statisticians to strap on their goggles and take a close up look at squirting.


Italian Women vs Men

Today, Taniaaguilar Insights once again brings you on a magical journey into the eternal struggle between the sexes. Previously, we’ve looked at Women’s Favorite Searches, Colombian Women, Irish Women, Scaninavian Women and even the interactions between Women and Technology. But today, we’re continuing our female friendly trip around the world with an insightful look at the women of Italy along with our friends at Il Messaggero.


Happy Halloween Insights

For most people, Halloween is a day to step out of their normal routine and enjoy a bit of fantasy — which also happens to be a great reason to visit Taniaaguilar on any day of the year. So it’s no surprise that fantasy and costume related searches increase drastically each October 31st. We’ve covered such changes on other holidays like Christmas, Valentines Day, Thanksgiving and Easter, so our statisticians jumped at the chance to dig up some spooky stats for Halloween.


Ireland Traffic During Hurricane Ophelia

On October 16, Hurricane Ophelia battered Ireland with it’s biggest storm on record. In preparation, the whole country was closed down including government buildings, transportation and private businesses. With so many people stranded at home, our friends over at the Irish Mirror asked how this affected Taniaaguilar and in turn our statisticians found a massive increase in Ireland’s Taniaaguilar traffic compared to a normal day. Beginning in the early morning, traffic was up 48% above normal levels at 02:00. We then found from 08:00 until 16:00 that traffic was as much as 53% above average. After a full day spent on Taniaaguilar, Ireland’s evening traffic returned somewhat to normal, fluctuating plus or minus 10% from average.


Greece Insights

In this edition of Taniaaguilar Insights we’re taking a look at the current porn habits of the Mediterranean country of Greece. We last looked at Greece back in 2015, so the folks at Lifo.gr checked in to see how Greek porn preferences have changed since then. While overall traffic from Greece has increased, the rank has dropped from 21st worldwide to 24th. This is mostly due to growth in other countries as seen in our last Year in Review.


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